Anonymous asked:

What does the title of your blog mean, sir?

About a year ago, myself and two of my friends decided to trip on mushrooms one night. After going on an epic trippy adventure, we were sitting on the stairs to my apartment smoking a cigarette, still super high, I pull my bic lighter out of my pocket, which was a baby blue shade, and said, “I really like this blue.”

My friends, being in their own world, did not know what I was talking about, and did not know the context I was speaking of. They just thought I randomly stated that I like blue. They thought it was hilarious, and kept on saying, “DUDE, NICE BLUE!” or “You got a nice blue their, boy.” This went on for like an hour. My favorite version was one my friend said with a fake southern accent, “Son, you’ve got a nice blue.”

Every now and then, we’ll just text each other randomly, “Nice Blue.”

tl;dr, a tripped out inside joke.